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CWEnder Greg Stroube offers to notarize mail-in ballots for upcoming elections

Nicki's Central West End Guide Services Web/Tech  Martha Bagnall mail-in ballots in Missouri Greg Stroube Central West End Association

Central West End Association Board Member Greg Stroube (above right at 2019’s 4th of July Parade) posted a notice today on NextDoor offering to notarize mail-in ballots for upcoming elections. He asked that I share this information with you:

Missouri Mail-In Voting. On June 4th, 2020, Governor Parsons signed legislation making it possible to vote by mail in the August 4th primary election and the November 3rd general election. The big problem for a lot of people is that all ballots must be notarized. To make it as easy as possible for as many people as possible to vote safely, I will notarize any ballot free of charge. You can message me on Next Door or email me at

Also, I will occasionally let everyone know where I’ll be set up at a public place in the CWE to make myself available to notarize ballots. In addition to your ballot, you will need a picture ID.

Let’s vote! Use this link to download a request for a mail-in ballot:

After this was posted Martha Bagnall weighed in on NextDoor with this message: I just became a notary for the same reason! If you need ballot notarization (which is required to be free, by the state), you can also email me at and we can arrange it.”

NOTE & A CORRECTION: After downloading the form last evening I discovered that the ability to vote absentee was limited to those over 65, and to those with underlying health conditions susceptible to COVID 19.  Martha Bagnall reached out to City of St. Louis Board of Election Commissioners and learned that everyone under the age of 65 can also vote absentee as long as ballot is notarized. It appears that those over 65 do not need a notarized ballot, but please check the website, and perhaps get it notarized anyway. Forms are in the process of being updated. 

The article that follows was published before Gov. Mike Parsons signed the measure:

To learn more about voting in Missouri use this link:

M.A.D.E. members and other makers raising funds for Face Shield Initiative STL destined for BJC

Nicki's Central West End Guide Services Web/Tech  M.A.D.E. Face Shield Initiative STL Emily Elhoffer David Cervantes

Nicki's Central West End Guide Services Web/Tech  M.A.D.E. Face Shield Initiative STL Emily Elhoffer David Cervantes

This information was shared by Chico Weber, a local 3-d printer fabricator who is working with makers at M.A.D.E., 5127 Delmar, Arch Reactor and Inventor Forge to fabricate face shields for doctors and nurses at Barnes Jewish Hospital during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Face Shield Initiative STL is an organizational effort initiated by Emily Elhoffer and David Cervantes to source, fabricate, assemble, and deliver needed medical supplies during the COVID-19 outbreak in St. Louis, Missouri.

Currently our mission is to fabricate as many RC2 Face Shields, designed by Prusa (…/25857-prusa-protective-face…), for Barnes Jewish Hospital. They have requested 300.

For those with 3-d printers check out the process doc to get started!…/1PV7trsNSfs4ZWhErfqKXYYNpD…/view…

For those who want to donate to the cause (they have raised over $7,000 of their $10,000 goal), here is a link to the organization’s GoFundMe account.

Wow! A huge thank-you to everyone for helping us meet our goal. These funds are being used for much-needed materials for our face sheilds, and for transportation of those materials. All funds, including any additional donations, will continue to fuel our material purchases. Thank you to everyone who has helped make this possible. We’ll share photos of our batches of shields as they come out. Thank you from our whole team. Stay isolated, and if you can’t, please stay sanitary!
To follow the fabricators’ progress, visit the groups’ Facebook page.

The Magic House, MADE for Kids & Cornerstone seeking middle school students for advisory board

Here’s an exciting opportunity for middle schoolers who live in the West End and Visitation Park neighborhoods. The Magic House, MADE for Kids and Cornerstone, a not-for-profit that renovates houses and leases them at affordable rates in the West End neighborhood, is seeking students ages 11 to 13 to help envision the future of their neighborhoods.

The students on the Youth Advisory Board will learn principles of urban design and share their ideas on possible community improvements with the community in mid-November.  Details follow:

Nicki's Central West End Guide Art & Architecture For kids Services Web/Tech  The Magic House MADE for Kids LIsa Potts Cornerstone

Lisa Potts, chair of Park Place Housing & Economic Development, emailed that this opportunity may be extended to youth in other neighborhoods in the future.

Contact for more information.

The Magic House, MADE for Kids, 5127 Delmar.