Nicki's Central West End Guide

Nicki’s Central West End Guide

Overview: When I started the blog 8 years ago, I realized that there wasn’t an easy way for people who were new to the Central West End to find out what was available here, and where things were. Even for those who had lived in the neighborhood for a long time, there wasn’t a reliable source of timely information.  As an involved neighbor and a longtime resident, I thought I could provide that information and do it best in a blog format.

The blog covers shop and restaurant news, gallery openings, author events, and provides a visual record of neighborhood events such as Halloween, the 4th of July and the Christmas Walk. It also profiles interesting neighbors. After being featured, shop owners and restaurateurs have been pleased with the results, as have property managers of the new apartment projects in the neighborhood.

The blog has become the “go to” source for what’s happening in the Central West End—several people have mentioned that they moved to the neighborhood because of Nicki’s Central West End Guide.

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