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Meet Chris Goodson, founder of Fields Foods

Nicki's Central West End Guide Food and Drink Shop News  Joe O'Toole Fields Foods Chris Goodson

Few would argue with CWEnder Chris Goodson (photographed with CWEnder Gwen Sims) who describes himself as a risk taker. Opening a 9,000 s.f. grocery store at the corner of Delmar and Euclid was risky business, but the decision was not out of the ordinary for Goodson, the founder of Fields Foods. Two other stores (and soon to be a third) are in neighborhoods Goodson describes as having few if any options to purchase fresh foods.  Though Aldi is at the corner of Kingshighway and Delmar, Goodson said, “We are not in competition with nearby grocers, we are filling a need.”

“Don’t get me wrong,” Goodson continued, “I want to make a profit, but I also want to help bridge the divide and drag the excitement from the CWE’s central corridor across Delmar to Fountain Park and beyond. This corner is the definition of diverse and we want to be part of that.”

Fields Foods is also committed to hiring employees from the neighborhood who can walk or take the bus to work.

During our meeting in the store’s dining area, Goodson added that Cullinan Properties, who renovated 625 N. Euclid (Fields Foods is on the ground floor) were fabulous to work with. The renovation of what is now called Lofts@Euclid into 87 apartment units was top-notch and now includes a tenant-only entry to the grocery store, touting the tongue-in-cheek (I hope) possibility of picking up a latté and hot breakfast sandwich or rotisserie chicken dressed in your pajamas. Nicki's Central West End Guide Food and Drink Shop News  Joe O'Toole Fields Foods Chris Goodson

Getting into the grocery store business was not on Goodson’s radar when he, his wife, and 4 daughters lived in Lafayette Square years ago (they have since moved to the CWE). He got into development fixing up abandoned churches and converting them into condos, and then tackled the renovation of the former City Hospital which was slated for demolition. The main hospital building was converted into 104 condominiums, an event space, a rock climbing gym and a facility for a catering company.

Goodson soon realized that the surrounding area, which includes the Darst Webbe housing project, lacked basic amenities such as a grocery store, and this might be a deterrent to the success of his project.

“Black, white, rich, or poor, everyone wants the same things. A roof over your head, food in your belly, and a feeling of safety,” Goodson said. Fields Foods, his 38,000 s.f. foray into the grocery store business in Lafayette Square, which opened in 2014, brought an amenity to an area that was blighted, and spawned the expansion of the business into other neighborhoods. A second Fields Foods opened earlier this year in Downtown West, followed by the recent opening of the CWE store, and very soon a 4th Fields Foods will open on the site of a former lumber yard in Dogtown.

Over the years Goodson has given back to St. Louis in other ways as well. In 2005 he was appointed to the Board of Police Commioners by Governor Matt Blunt, and he served on the board of the city’s Land Clearance Reutilization Authority for 20 years. He is currently a member of the 22nd Circuit Judicial Commission appointed by Governor Parson. Nicki's Central West End Guide Food and Drink Shop News  Joe O'Toole Fields Foods Chris Goodson

The CWE store was designed to evoke an old-fashioned corner grocery. The main section includes fresh produce, including lots of organic selections, a large carryout section, cheese case and a small selection of bulk foods.  There is also seating in the front window or at a counter (see top photo). Basics are toward the back of the store, see below left.

Nicki's Central West End Guide Food and Drink Shop News  Joe O'Toole Fields Foods Chris Goodson

Fields Foods’ CEO Joe O’Toole was able to fit everything the 38,000 s.f. Lafayette Square store stocks in the 9000 s.f. CWE store, just in smaller quantities. Goodson said that Fields Foods is known for its wide selection of craft beers.

Nicki's Central West End Guide Food and Drink Shop News  Joe O'Toole Fields Foods Chris Goodson

Most of the items in the middle of the store’s take-out section are made on site. Alpheia, above, is the pastry chef whose specialties are cakes and sweets for any occasion, see display case below. As you can see in the top photo, there is a coffee bar, beer on tap and wine available by the glass for those inclined to sip while they shop.

Nicki's Central West End Guide Food and Drink Shop News  Joe O'Toole Fields Foods Chris Goodson

Meet Glenn, a Fields Foods butcher, above. The store makes several flavors of seasoned bacon and sausages. I understand the chicken wings and rotisserie chickens are hot items at the CWE store.


Nicki's Central West End Guide Food and Drink Shop News  Joe O'Toole Fields Foods Chris Goodson

Fields Foods has a large selection of wines, liquor and the aforementioned craft beers.

Improvements to come: Awnings have been ordered for the windows along Euclid and Delmar, which will help identify the store; parking should be available once again on the lot directly across the street on Euclid; and Fields Foods will be accepting food stamps (EBT) any day.

Cullinan Properties and Fields Foods have done a masterful job bringing new vitality to the southwest corner of Delmar and Euclid. There is a lot going on north of Delmar too. I have been reporting on that progress over the past year. If you missed one of those recent posts, read it here.

Fields Foods, 625 N. Euclid, (314) 944-2940. Open 7 days a week, 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.


Fields Foods opens Thursday at 625 N. Euclid

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Fields Foods is hosting a Grand Opening tomorrow evening for their newest St. Louis location in the Lofts@Euclid building at 625 N. Euclid at Delmar, above. The event begins at 6 p.m. which is 1/2 later than was publicized on other neighborhood websites. 

The CWE location is the 3rd Fields Foods operation within the city limits. The original store is at 1500 Lafayette Ave. in Lafayette Square, a second location opened recently at 1706 Washington Ave. downtown.

Here is Fields’ Foods press release about the CWE store:

“Fields Foods is celebrating the Grand Opening of their third St. Louis location at 625 N Euclid Ave. Thursday, August 15th, starting at 6pm.

Fields Foods’ expansion is part of an effort to bring wholesome, reasonably priced grocery options to the Central West End, eliminating the food desert.

Nicki's Central West End Guide Food and Drink Health & Wellness Shop News  Lofts@Euclid Fields Foods Chris Goodson

” ‘Everyone at Fields Foods takes great pride in offering a variety of healthy food options for our community and for doing our little part to bridge the Delmar Divide. We are very excited to be part of the wonderful neighborhood,’ ” said Chris Goodson, above, owner of Fields Foods.Nicki's Central West End Guide Food and Drink Health & Wellness Shop News  Lofts@Euclid Fields Foods Chris Goodson

Fields Foods is locally-owned, locally operated, and a locally focused grocery store committed to creating an inspired shopping experience for every customer. The grocery store is located in the stunning historic apartment building, the Lofts on Euclid, which was developed by one of the premier developers, Cullinan Properties.

The new Central West End location will be a one-stop-shop shop for all of grocery shopping needs and aims to provide everything shoppers want at affordable prices. Fields Foods Central West End will offer a wide selection of products that are pesticide-free, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free and natural. Many products offered at Fields Foods come from small and mid-sized farmers and local vendors within 300 miles of St. Louis. Fields Foods will be open to the public from 7am-10pm, seven days a week.

For more information about Fields Foods expansion, locations, and offerings, please follow them on Facebook and visit”

Urban Grocer Fields Foods to open at CWE’s Lofts@Euclid

Thanks to both Cullinan Properties’ Director of Marketing & Communication Anaise Berry and Lofts@Euclid Property Manager Stephanie Huffman for giving me this fabulous scoop. What fabulous news for the Central West End!

Nicki's Central West End Guide Events, Sightings Food and Drink  Lofts@Euclid Fields Foods Cullinan Properties  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

(Peoria, IL, October 2, 2018) – The Central West End’s Lofts@Euclid will soon welcome urban grocer Fields Foods to its 625 N. Euclid location. Cullinan Properties, which opened its 87-unit loft development in 2016, is pleased to announce that Fields Foods plans to open its doors for business at Lofts@Euclid later this year.


Fields Foods will occupy the remaining 8,186 square feet of commercial space on the ground floor of the building. The grocer will join the Medicine Shoppe, also located at Lofts@Euclid. Construction is expected to begin mid-October and the store plans to open this winter.


Chris Goodson, owner of Fields Foods, said the expansion into St. Louis’ Central West End is part of Fields Foods’ larger growth plan as a true urban grocer.  “We are excited to be the corner store in a tremendous development like Lofts@Euclid, where residents can literally take the elevator down and shop in their pajamas,” stated Goodson. “We are equally excited to work with many others to crack the ‘Delmar Divide’ and continue our mission of turning food deserts into former food deserts.”


“We couldn’t be happier to have Fields Foods occupy this space. Fields Foods will be a great convenience for our tenants, as well as all residents of the Central West End, providing them a unique shopping experience and easy access to fresh, quality, local foods,” stated Christopher M. West, Partner and Chief Executive Officer for Cullinan Properties, Ltd. “Lofts@Euclid and Central West End residents will enjoy the fresh meats, seafood and produce, as well as delicious prepared meals and a wine bar Fields Foods has become known for,” said West.


The building that is now home to Lofts@Euclid was built in 1910, and originally served as the headquarters for the Langan & Taylor Company. It served as a furniture warehouse for many years, and has maintained many of the original architectural features.


Loft units have soaring 12-foot ceilings and many luxurious amenities including wood floors, granite countertops, large windows and a fitness center. The rooftop features a club lounge, pool table, outdoor firepit, outdoor grilling area, hot tub, sun deck, lounge chairs, a sound system, and lawn sports playing field with a variety of games equipment.


“We’re thrilled with the success of Lofts@Euclid and how it has added to the residential apartment offerings of St. Louis’ Central West End.  The addition of Fields Foods to Lofts@Euclid and the Central West End is the icing on the cake and a wonderful complement to the building and the area,” stated West.


About Fields Foods

Fields Foods provides fresh and healthy food options at affordable prices through partnerships with local farmers and trusted brands, specializing in products that are pesticide-free, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, and natural in order to provide healthier, fresher, better tasting choices for customers. They offer a wide selection of foods that are locally grown, sustainable, nutritious and made in large part by small growers and producers. They also carry many traditional options from popular name brands. Fields Foods also offers chef-created prepared meals, wood-grilled pizza, salads, sandwiches and more – as well as a wide assortment of wine and beer, which customers can even enjoy while shopping. Fields Foods has an equal balance of local, organic and traditional brands, so you can get your fresh kale and beef along with your toasted ravs and diet coke, too!  For more information, visit


About the Lofts@Euclid

The Lofts@Euclid is a mixed-use, 150,000 square feet building which includes 87 luxury loft apartments, with retail and office space at street level. Located at the northern entrance to St. Louis’ Central West End neighborhood at the intersection of Euclid and Delmar, the historic building has been completely rehabilitated in 2016 to its former place of prominence. For more information, visit


About Cullinan Properties. Ltd

Cullinan Properties, Ltd., with offices in Chicago, IL, Peoria, IL and St. Louis, MO, is a multi-disciplined real estate firm that develops, manages and owns mixed-use, retail, multi-family, office and medical properties throughout the United States.  For additional information on Cullinan Properties, Ltd., visit