28th Annual International Police Mountain Bike Association Conference to visit CWE

Emergency Responders From Around North American To Visit The Central West End On Bikes

ST. LOUIS, June 5, 2018 – Police officers along with EMS and fire personnel from around North America will visit the Central West End Wednesday night, and all of them will arrive on a bicycle.

The 70 emergency responders from around the United States and Canada are visiting St. Louis for the 28th Annual International Police Mountain Bike Association Conference at Washington University. They will visit the Central West End for dinner from 5 until 9:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June 6.

Located in one of the most densely populated areas in the region, the Central West End Neighborhood Security Initiative (NSI) utilizes bike patrols on a regular basis to assist in keeping the neighborhood safe.

“We have found bike patrols to be a very effective piece of our overall safety and security efforts here in the Central West End. When officers are on mountain bikes they have easier access to the community, find it easier to talk with residents and visitors and can patrol areas like alleyways that can be challenging to reach in cars,” explained Jim Whyte, the executive director of the NSI.

According to the International Police Mountain Bike Association, mountain bikes are one of the most versatile tools in law enforcement, emergency medical response, and security today, helping to create a highly mobile, visible presence for emergency responders. The organization found that citizens are more likely to approach a bike patrol officer than even a neighborhood beat officer, optimizing community oriented or problem-oriented policing efforts. Bicycle officers are also better able to use all of their senses, including smell and hearing, to detect and address crime.

“We are excited to welcome these first responders to our neighborhood. With our proximity to Washington University and Forest Park and the easy bike accessibility the Central West End is a great neighborhood for them to explore and experience a taste of St. Louis,” said Kate Haher, the executive director of the North Central West End Business Community Improvement District (NCID).