Somethings borrowed…

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Photo of Charles, courtesy of Mark Glenshaw

What a long strange week it's been—and it's only Wednesday. Without going into detail, we have had to cancel plans to attend the wedding of a godchild in New York this weekend, and feeling rather drained about the events leading up to that decision, I am borrowing two bird tales I hope will entertain you until I catch my breath.

The first link is to youtube videos posted by the Owlman of Forest Park, Mark Glenshaw, showing owlets Monica and Dalton, offspring of Monica and Charles, the Great Horned Owls that have been featured so often on this blog (see Charles above). You'll hear Mark's voice on the video link describing the owlets' antics and "allopreening."  Watch it here.

The second link is to a live video feed of eagles nesting in a treetop above a fish hatchery in Decorah, Iowa. My dear friend, Charlotte Lyons (mother of the bride alluded to above), who has become a fan of the Forest Park owls from afar, sent me the link. The other evening there were 77,000 people watching the live feed, provided by the Raptor Research Project. One caveat: Only start eavesdropping if you have time to spare—the eagles are mesmerizing. A short ad leads it off. Tune in here.

In the next day or two I hope to be back on track posting news about the neighborhood.

P. S. After reading last evening's post, neighborhood friend Elizabeth Barnes sent the following link to hummingbirds nesting in a rosebush (watch it here). (I have this feed minimized on my laptop right now, and the bird sounds are making our cat very curious.)