March 16, 2019 - 5:00 pm

Beginning this Saturday at 5 p.m., Trinity Church, 500 N. Euclid, will host a quiet, contemplative and personal new worship service.

Casual, warm and inviting, THE TABLE at Trinity embraces faith in an inclusive and peaceful atmosphere. Before the brief (under an hour) service starts, coffee is available just inside the front door of the church to share with friends, brothers and sisters. THE TABLE forgoes the “High Church” Episcopal services of organ music and vestments; instead, it embraces street clothes and togetherness. It is called THE TABLE because worshippers are at the Lord’s Table symbolically and literally (the candlelit alter is moved to the floor of the church). Communion is offered and all are welcome.

For those questioning, wondering, sampling or seeking a way to express spirituality or their faith,” said Trinity’s Rector Jon Stratton, “THE TABLE is a good place to begin. Please join us.”