December 7, 2019 - 2:00 pm

The Cup Teams Up With Children’s Book Series Celebrity Tater Tot For Special Mission

CWEnder Laura Byrne is excited to tell you about Tater Tot’s book release storytime this Saturday, December 7th, at The Cup-CWE! Readings of his new life lesson about moderation, Tater Tot At The Chase: Too Much! will start at 2:00 pm and 2:30 pm, including a house cupcake for little ones and special red carpet photo opportunity for everyone.

Doubling down on donations for the Metro East Humane Society and Carol House Quick Fix Pet Clinic, The Cup will host Tater Tot, the local children’s book series celebrity for a story time launch of his newest life lessons book about moderation, Tater Tot At The Chase: Too Much!

Just in time for the season of “too much” and in preparation for new year’s resolutions, Tater Tot’s Too Much! shows us some of the  ruff consequences of overindulging with the hopes that everyone reflects on any behavior where they may need to create more balance. “The goal with all of Tater Tot’s Adventures is to provide a non-judgmental way to discuss behaviors that engender respect for everyone in any situation,” explained author Laura Holman Byrne.

Ironically, this book is the result of SO MUCH inspiration beginning with Emily Hart, The Cup’s head baker, who was inspired by Tater Tot to create the dog-friendly pupcake. Hart explained, “Tater Tot’s visits are such a treat for us that when there was a possibility we couldn’t thank him properly, I knew had to create something that showed him how much we appreciate him without upsetting his belly.”

The Cup and Cakery Bakery owner, Ericka Frank’s seemingly conflicting background as a bakery owner and former registered dietician inspired the author Laura Holman Byrne to feature moderation as a character-building life lesson in Tater Tot’s AdventuresTM.

“Eating a variety of sweets is often a requirement of our job at The Cup to make sure we give our fans only the best,” owner Ericka Frank admits, “but my background in nutrition and food science makes me very conscious of how this will make me feel and what limits I need to set for myself and still get my job done.”Making things even sweeter, The Cup was inspired to donate half of the day’s pupcake and dog treat proceeds to Metro East Human Society (MEHS) from the Edwardsville story time on November 30th and to Carol House Quick Fix Pet Clinic from the Central West End story time on December 7th. Tater Tot did not want to be left out of the fun and has named the two animal-loving organizations as his #yourpurchasehonored recipients, matching his on-site book sales for each event with the same number of book donations of his first book, Tater Tot At The Chase: A Happy Helper.

“We are so grateful to The Cup and Tater Tot and can’t think of a more fun way to support our work for the animals in the Metro-East,” said MEHS Development Manager, Amanda Kernan.

“Everyone wins with this collaboration,” says Carol House Quick Fix Pet Clinic Wendy Heckman, Clinic Director, “families get a sweet day of memories, a fun way to learn a very important life lesson, and much needed support for many pets in Saint Louis.”

Tater Tot At The Chase: Too Much! will be on sale at The Cup during both events. The smushy-face celebrity himself will also be there for fan photos.

Readings at 2 & 2:30

The Cup, 28 Maryland Plaza (rear)

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