Grassroots effort to provide assistance on voting absentee in 2020 begins tomorrow at Schlafly Library

Nicki's Central West End Guide Services  Greg Stroube Absentee voting in Missouri

photo courtesy of Charlotte Lyons

Two days ago CWEnder Greg Stroube posted an offer on NextDoor to notarize absentee ballots free-of-charge. That generous deed quickly unleashed a grassroots effort to help, and that effort is ready to roll starting tomorrow, Saturday, June 13, in front of the Schlafly Branch Library.

Two of the three CWEnders who stepped up, Martha Bagnall and Rita Winters, just recently became notaries specifically to assist with absentee ballots. Lawyer and notary Kimberly Shapiro was quick to pitch in as well.

Missouri has recently changed the guidelines for voting by mail in 2020. Because of COVID-19, any Missouri voter can vote by mail, but that ballot needs to be notarized. If you are over the age of 65, at a higher risk for contracting or spreading COVID-19, or are confined due to illness or disability, you do not need to have your ballot notarized.

The first step though is to obtain an application for a ballot for the upcoming August 4 election in the City of St. Louis. The volunteers mentioned above will be in front of Schlafly Library at Euclid and Lindell tomorrow from 10 to 3 with applications to vote by mail, pre-addressed envelopes and a stamp if you need one. They will be available at other times to notarize those applications if needed, and again for the presidential election in November.

The August 4 election is right around the corner, so please take advantage of this opportunity or contact the Board of Election Commissioners to obtain your application. Absentee voting begins on June 23.  Here is more information about that August 4 election.

And here is a chart explaining  HOW TO VOTE ABSENTEE OR BY MAIL IN MISSOURI IN 2020 DUE TO COVID_

P.S. – Please wear a mask and stay socially distanced when you stop by tomorrow. Thank you!