Lululemon to return to CWE

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It's musical chairs—or a somewhat-stretched version of it—in the CWE "shop news" category. The great news is that Lululemon is returning to the neighborhood, this time to 26 Maryland Plaza, above, where it will occupy the former k. hall designs location and Moris Fashions (don't panic, the men's clothier is staying in the neighborhood and relocating to 226 N. Euclid). In the musical chairs category, k. hall designs left the CWE last month for Plaza Frontenac,
where it is tryng the upscale mall experience on for size.

Three years ago Vancouver-based Lululemon, which has 201 stores in North America and Australia (see E B. Solomont's article in St. Louis Business Journal here) squeezed into a space on Euclid which proved to be too small for its lycra britches. In addition to the store's great athletic gear, Lululemon was a just-plain-fun shop with cheeky comments scribbled on the windows and occasional yoga classes for devotees who could do their upward dogs while perusing the merchandise that had been pushed aside for the moment. In early April 2010, the store abruptly pulled up stakes (like in one day) and moved to Plaza Frontenac (the CWE store will be its second St. Louis location).

The Central West End Association's Planning & Development Committee has been reviewing plans for proposed changes to the York Avenue facade, which I am told involves decorative elements intended to reinforce the Lululemon brand.
Nicki's Central West End Guide Events, Sightings Shop News  Moris Fashions lululemon
According to the May 13th Business Journal article, Moris Fashions will be moving to 226 N. Euclid in mid-June. The site is the location of the former Cecil Whitaker's Pizzeria. I think it's fabulous that the business will stay in the neighborhood and that a restaurant space will become a retail location, which we sorely need—more retail!



  1. Reply

    Nancy Childrey

    May 15, 2013

    I’m very excited that Lululemon will be returning to the CWE. I was sad when they left but now even sadder that my family will be moving out to the county this summer.

  2. Reply

    Annette Appell

    May 16, 2013

    Hurray for news re Lululemon and the Bissinger’s.

  3. Reply

    Cheryl Tadin

    May 16, 2013

    Can’t wait to have them back in the CWE.